New York City

Muslim Friendly Hotels in New York

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Discover Hotels in New York Near Halal Establishments

One of the most renowned cities in the United States and a worldwide trendsetter is New York City.  It boasts a wide array of attractions from its skyline buildings to …

Halal Food in New York

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halal hotel in bangkok

Sumptuous & Best Halal Food New York and Bangkok you Must Try

New York and Bangkok are two of the most famous places in the world where tons of tourists visit each year. But did you know that there are some of …

Irresistible Halal Food in Various Cities

Muslim Friendly & Halal Activities in New York

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Family-Friendly Activities for You to Enjoy in New York

New York City is the melting pot of culture in the United States. This is where people celebrate diversity openly in all forms: from commerce, the arts, fashion, and cuisine. …