Halal Hotel Singapore

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Top 6 Muslim Friendly & Halal Hotels in Singapore

 Here’s how you can book your desired Halal Hotel in Singapore fast, easily and at the best rates, check out here ➡️ 1. Book Royal Plaza On Scotts At …

Halal Hotel Bangkok

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4 Best Muslim Friendly & Halal Hotels in Bangkok

Here’s how you can book your desired Muslim-Friendly Hotels in Bangkok fast, easily and at the best rates, check out here ➡️ 1. Book The Sukosol Hotel At The Best …

Halal Hotel London

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5 Halal Hotels UK You Must Definitely Visit

When visiting the United Kingdom, there are many hotels offering halal accommodations and halal food near me. While some require you to call ahead, others have Muslim-friendly services available on …

5 Best Muslim Friendly & Halal Hotels in London

Halal Hotel New York

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Discover Hotels in New York Near Halal Establishments

One of the most renowned cities in the United States and a worldwide trendsetter is New York City.  It boasts a wide array of attractions from its skyline buildings to …

Halal Hotel in Tokyo

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The Most Convenient Muslim Friendly & Halal Hotels in Tokyo

Japan is commonly known as the land of the rising sun and is famous for its J-Pop, sushi and ramen. But did you know that lately, tons of Halal eateries …

Halal Hotel in Rome

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4 Beautiful Muslim-Friendly Hotels in Rome

Visiting the iconic city of Rome is an experience you would not want to miss in your lifetime. Rome is the home of the ancient origins of modern civilization, including …

Halal Hotels Manchester

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Top Hotels Near Halal Places to Eat in Manchester

Manchester is renowned for its two top football clubs,  Manchester United FC and Manchester City FC and their respective stadiums, Old Trafford and the Etihad Stadium. It is also a city …

Halal Hotels in Osaka

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3 Best Halal & Muslim Friendly Hotels in Osaka

Osaka is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture and is a huge port city and commercial center on the Japanese island of Honshu. It has one of the largest metropolitan population in …

Halal Hotels in Kolkata

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Bengali halal hotels

Three Bengali Halal Hotels in Kolkata, India

The city of Kolkata in India is a place where you can enjoy discovering local food and cultures while being surrounded by colonial buildings. It’s also the second-largest city in …

Halal Hotels Marrakech

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Stay in One of These Halal Hotels in Marrakech

Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries in northern Africa. Its capital, Marrakech, is popular for its souks, colorful tapestries, halal restaurant, and the best local dishes in the …

Halal Hotels in Perth

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Perth Australia

Three Halal Hotels to Stay in Sunny Perth in Australia

One of the best places for Muslim travelers is Perth in Australia. You can find this sun-kissed metropolis on the southwestern tip Down Under, overlooking the Indian Ocean. The place …

Halal Hotels Kaohsiung

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Halal Hotels in Kaohsiung That You’ll Love Staying In

Kaohsiung is a municipality in southernmost Taiwan that boasts of natural attractions and urban sights that any tourist will enjoy going to. The Old City of Zuoying, The Dragon and …

Halal Hotels Scotland

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Enchanting Halal Hotels in Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Here you’ll get to see important castles dotted along rolling green hills with mountains standing proudly behind it. …

Halal Hotels In Dublin

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Three Irish Hotels Recommended by the Local Islamic Community

The beautiful country of Ireland is a haven for travelers. Travelers can enjoy nature here as vast fields of land remain untouched. There are many historical sites here that are …

Halal Hotels Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi

Three Luxurious Halal Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Dubai isn’t the only place in the United Arab Emirates where you’ll find halal hotels with halal restaurant that suit your taste. Abu Dhabi is also a place where you’ll …

Halal Hotels Colombo

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Sri Lanka

Three of the Best Halal Hotels in Colombo

Although Islam is a minority religion in Sri Lanka, you will find a lot of Halal hotels in Colombo, as well as in its provinces. A reason for this may …

Halal Hotels In Madrid

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Exquisite Halal Hotels in Madrid in Spain

Islam is a major influence in Spanish culture and history. Hence, it’s easy to find halal food and hotels across the country. The same goes for its capital, Madrid. There …

Halal Hotels In Oman

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Four Recommended Oman Halal Hotels

Oman has some of the best halal hotels in the region. Here are four Oman halal hotels in the capital of Muscat that we recommend to any discerning Muslim traveler. …

Halal Hotels In Dubai

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elegant muslim-friendly hotels

Elegant Muslim-Friendly Hotels in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a cosmopolitan haven in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. You will find many affordable yet elegant Muslim-friendly hotels that are halal near me in this particular …

Halal Hotels In Doha

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beautiful halal hotels

Beautiful Halal Hotels in Doha in Qatar

Muslim travelers find it challenging to find a great Halal hotel when they’re traveling. Not only do they find it hard to find a Muslim-friendly hotel, but also to find …

Halal Hotels Manila

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Certified Halal Hotels in Metro Manila in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the top countries in Southeast Asia for Muslim travelers. The country has a significant Muslim population, that’s why you’ll find a lot of Muslim-friendly places …

Halal Hotels In Sydney

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Sydney Opera House

3 Muslim-Friendly Hotels in Sydney in Australia

Here’s how you can book your desired Muslim-Friendly Hotels in Sydney in Australia fast, easily and at the best rates, check out here ➡️ 1. Book The Sydney Harbour Marriott …

Halal Hotels Austria

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Austria Hotels nearby Halal Restaurants and Mosques

Austria is one of the most beautiful and musical places in Europe. No wonder their hills were alive with music. But to be truly honest, there are rarely any Austria …

Halal Hotels Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Hotels that Muslims Would Enjoy Staying In

In one of our recent blog posts, we recommended exploring Netherlands‘ quaint beauty through different kinds of tours. But in order for you to truly enjoy the Netherlands, you’ll have …

Halal Hotels in Berlin

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Berlin’s Muslim-Friendly Hotels That You Need To Book Early

Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the country’s Muslim-friendly areas. Islam is the second-biggest religion in the area. It also has a large number of mosques and …

Halal Hotels Indonesia

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Five of the Best Halal Hotels in Indonesia to Book Today

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world and the biggest Muslim-majority country in Southeast Asia. Because it’s a Muslim-majority country, you have the luxury of having the best halal …

Halal Hotels in Paris

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Top Halal Hotel Paris Has In Store For You

Paris is a large, expansive city that has a lot to offer for art, history, and culture. It is also considered one of the cities of romance and boasts attractions …

Halal Hotels in Turkey

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Best Halal Hotels Turkey has to Offer

Turkey is historically rich and beautiful country. You can find many Muslim friendly amenities in Turkey be it halal hotels or even halal restaurants near me. Here are some of …

Halal Hotels in Seoul

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Halal Hotel Accommodations in Seoul

A lot of people around the world find Korean culture unique and appealing. Because of this, travelers flock to the south of the Korean peninsula to get closer to their …

Halal Hotels in Taiwan

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Halal Hotels You Need to Visit in Lovely Taiwan

Taiwan is becoming a top tourist destination in East Asia.  Because of the influx of travelers around the globe, Taiwan now has hotels catering to different cultures, including Halal hotels …