Halal Food

Halal Food in Singapore

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Best Places for Halal Food in Singapore

Singapore is made up of people from diverse ethnicity and cultures. As such, its food scene consists of many different cuisines from Malay, Chinese, Indian to Mediterranean, Western and even …

Halal Food in Bangkok

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Halal Food in Bangkok you Definitely have to Try

The halal food scene in Bangkok has greatly evolved over the years as many travelers look for halal food in Bangkok. If you intend to look for the best halal …

Halal Food in Tokyo

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Top 3 Places to find Halal Food in Tokyo

There has been an increasing trend to see halal food in Tokyo popping up in many locations. Where it was once a rarity, you can now find a halal restaurant …

Halal Food in Hong Kong

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Best Places to Find Halal Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the latest non-Muslim countries to cater to Muslim travellers. What’s more interesting is that some places in Hong Kong have even made their local dishes …

Halal Food in London

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Halal Food in London Near Popular Attractions

Lately, there has been an increasing demand for the best halal food in London. Muslim travelers flocking to London are always scouting for the popular halal restaurants in London and the …

Halal Food in New York

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Places you Never Thought you wil Find Halal Food in New York

Whenever people mention New York, what crops to the mind are landmarks like the Empire State building and Statue of Liberty. But did you know that there are actually quite …

Halal Food in Manchester

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Great Places to Find Halal Restaurants in Manchester

If you are an avid Manchester United or Manchester City football fan, then one of the main reasons you will probably be visiting Manchester for is to catch a glimpse …

Halal Food in Osaka

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The Most Irresistible Halal Food in Osaka

Apart from Tokyo, Osaka is another city in Japan that is catering to Muslim travelers’ needs. There are Muslim friendly hotels and many places to find halal food in Osaka. …