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Ultimate Guide to Services or Goods you can get Online in Singapore

Singapore is a multi-racial and cultural city, with about a million Muslims living and/or working there. It is a highly recommended city to live in or visit for a holiday …


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halal street food in bangkok

Best Places to Find Halal Street Food in Bangkok

Thailand is very famous for its street food. But did you know that there are streets in Thailand that offers plenty of variety of halal food? Bangkok is one of …


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Halal Holidays UK Is Famous For

Muslims looking for halal holidays UK can choose from many destinations. Whether you are asking for halal food near me or halal destinations, UK has it all. The United Kingdom …

New York

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Photo Credit: Luca Bravo / unsplash

Family-Friendly Activities for You to Enjoy in New York

New York City is the melting pot of culture in the United States. This is where people celebrate diversity openly in all forms: from commerce, the arts, fashion, and cuisine. …