Muslim Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

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5 Best Muslim Friendly & Halal Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok,  the largest city, and the capital of Thailand is a bustling cosmopolitan city. It is popular for its glitzy shopping malls and vibrant nightlife. A little-known secret though is …

Halal Food in Bangkok

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The Most Delicious Halal Food in Tokyo & Bangkok

Tokyo and Bangkok are two of the most busiest cities in the world. While both cities have a majority of non-Muslim residents, it is therefore interesting that they are now …

Irresistible Halal Food in Various Cities

Halal Food in Bangkok you Definitely have to Try

Muslim Friendly & Halal Activities in Bangkok

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Muslim & Family-Friendly Activities in Bangkok and the Rest of Thailand

Royalty, ancient history, and exceptional dining – you can have that and more in Bangkok, the capital of and the largest city in Thailand. There are a lot of places …