About Us


Welcome to HalalGo. My name is Mohamad, I’m from the sunny (and sometimes rainy) tropical city of Singapore. It was an idea I had in 2011 when I was holidaying in Koh Chang. It’s a big island in the Gulf of Thailand, and one of those popular tourist spots with beautiful beaches, yet at that time, there was hardly any halal food spots listed on Google, except for one family-run seafood restaurant that was not sufficiently staffed.

Back then the realisation that the halal tourism industry is a booming one was not yet shared by many. It was still in its infancy. So the idea for HalalGo was born. I bought the domain, and held it since then, despite a few attempts at building something out of it.

But it’s only until now in late 2017 that I decided to wipe off the digital dust and revive it, considering how more players have come to the market, yet I’d say at this point in time it is still in a nascent stage.

What it’s all about.

Here you will find everything that we hope that will help the halal conscious Muslim traveller. We list and have reviews of hotels that are solely halal-serving, or hotels that are near famous halal spots or Muslim-majority neighbourhoods in major world cities.

We will also list and review halal cafes and restaurants in major cities around the world. There may be other Halal-focused content and resources in the pipeline, so stick with us to stay updated!

How you can help.

Do you know of a great halal food spot, cafe or restaurant that we’ve not yet listed? Hit us up and let us know. We’ll credit you with some link love; or if you prefer to stay anonymous, that’s cool too.