Best Places to Find Halal Street Food in Bangkok

Thailand is very famous for its street food. But did you know that there are streets in Thailand that offers plenty of variety of halal food? Bangkok is one of the busiest cities, as well as one of the most visited cities in the world. There are many different cultures that visit the city, so you will not be surprised that there are streets that serves halal food there. So where do you want to go if you are looking for good halal street food in Bangkok?

Khao San Road

halal street food in bangkok khao san


Of course, you should go here. This street is packed with tourist and backpackers. There are hostels, café and other things for tourist in this area so you would definitely find a restaurant here that serves halal food. One restaurant that you should try is Aisa Rot Dee. It is a famous hole in the wall restaurant that serves halal dishes. But if you are prefer halal street food in Bangkok, there is a food market at the Chakprong road.

Pratunam Market

halal street food in bangkok khao san

Pratunam Market is also a tourist destination in Bangkok. With all its color and chaos, it is one of Bangkok’s busiest shopping district. There are many options for halal restaurants around the vicinity, but it always good to indulge food from the market. Since Pratunam district is also known for its street food, you might want to check their seafood skewers out there if you are staying at a hotel in Bangkok nearby.

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Bang Rak area near Haroon Mosque

Haroon Mosque Bang RakPhoto Credit:

In the streets of Bang Rak, there is a community there that sells a lot of street food right in front of their houses. This is a very small street with a lot of people living in it, but if you want to experience authentic Halal street food and be adventurous, you might want to try them out.

Rakhamhaeng Street

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There is a food court in this street called 59 Mini Plaza Halal Food court where they offer a lot of halal food that you can choose from. It is an area where there are a lot of food stalls. Based from the name, it is a food court for Halal food. Usually, this area is full with locals so you know that the food there is great.

Talad Rim Klong

Charoen Krung Soi Street

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Located at Charoen Krung Soi 103, it is not very far from the financial district of Bangkok. This alley is hosting a halal food weekend every first weekend of the month. Usually in the morning or until the supplies last. It is a long alley of halal food and have a lot of food to choose from.

Whenever you are in Bangkok, and you are only eating halal food or just simply craving for it, then go check out the recommendations above. You don’t have to be a Muslim to eat this. Halal food is very tasty. Aside from that, it is always best to taste different cuisine and experience their culture through your taste buds. It’s easier to love the place you are visiting with good food. After all, the best way through anyone’s heart is through their stomachs. If you intend to visit Thailand to savour all the best halal street food in Bangkok, then book your desired hotel at the best rates by clicking the button below!

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