Must Visit Destinations for Unforgettable Halal Holidays in Europe

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Traveling and exploring Europe is everyone’s ultimate dream. But, for Muslims, there are plenty of things they need to consider whenever they plan a getaway. Is there a halal restaurant or halal food available? Can you wear the face veil? Does the city have mosques? The good news is that Europe is perfect for halal vacations. However, there are some cities that are more ideal for unforgettable halal holidays in Europe than others. If you are planning to enjoy a Muslim vacation soon, here are some of the best European halal destinations you can consider.

Sofia, Bulgaria

In case you don’t know it Bulgaria used to be the home of numerous Muslim empires, thus making it our first stop for unforgettable halal holidays in Europe. There was a belief that early Muslim settlers arrived in Bulgaria during the mid 9th century. In 1392, the Ottoman captured and invaded Sofia, the capital of the nation. Today, the Banya Bashi mosque stands tall and gives you a glimpse of the Ottoman era. Bulgaria is hospitable, welcoming, and offers a friendly atmosphere for all Muslim travelers. This means that you will not be the only one of the streets of Sofia wearing an abaya or hijab.

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Venice, Italy

The Floating City of Venice is the home to historical buildings and museums that make this the ideal destination for all Muslim couples who want a romantic and relaxing getaway while exploring the lovely city of canals. The city of Venice also serves as the home to luxury villas and palaces, churches, the popular islands of Burano and Murano, and the celebrated Venice Lagoon. This is a peaceful place that you could explore right in the comforts of your own gondola.

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Madrid, Spain

Rich and passionate in history, there is no need for introduction to the old country of Spain. Renowned for its very diverse culture like no other, timeless architectural pieces, and tantalizing cuisine to suit everyone’s palate, Spain is no doubt one of the best destinations for halal holidays in Europe. The diverse ethnicities and culture of Spain means that this country accommodates people of any religion. You can find mosques all over the country and Madrid in particular is a great starting point. Madrid is popular for its art pieces, classic architecture, manicured gardens, expansive boulevards, and Muslim-friendly halal restaurants.

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