Halal Trends Beyond Food & Beverages

In previous articles, we focused a lot on Halal food in Singapore and many parts of the world. In today’s article, we will do something different, and touch more on Halal trends that go beyond just food and beverages or Muslim friendly places to visit. Some of these trends include Halal cosmetics and Halal skincare products, so let’s go more in depth into each trend below.

Halal Cosmetics

halal cosmetics

As most women probably know, cosmetics refer to products such as lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, blush and mascara, that are applied to beautify and enhance the outlook of the face or surface of the body. They are usually made of artificial chemical compounds or natural ones from coconut and palm oil.

Halal cosmetics, on the other hand, are made of ingredients and produced under conditions that are permissible by Islam. As such, these products cannot contain swine, blood, alcohol, carnivorous animals or even animals that are not slaughtered according to Islamic ways. Halal cosmetics is currently taking the world by storm, with analysts predicting that it will reach $54 billion by 2022. The main factor pushing this trend could be due to the ever rising volumes of hip and young Muslim generation that are fusing Islamic rules with their way of life and the way they look.

One of the most popular Halal cosmetics brands in Singapore is Zahara. It was founded by two Muslim sisters, who took it upon themselves to design their own Halal cosmetics when they found a glaring lack of it in the market. Their signature product is probably their oxygen nail polish, which is not only Halal-certified, but also wudhu-friendly. It is water permeable, comes in numerous colours, with high pigment levels, yet the texture is thinner than most other nail polishes.

Halal Skincare Products

halal skincare

The next Halal trend we will focus on is Halal skincare products. These include products such as scalp spray, facial cream and facial wash, that help to improve skin appearance and integrity and alleviate skin conditions. As per Halal cosmetics, Halal skincare products are also prepared with ingredients and produced under situations that are permissible in Islam. It is another rising trend in the world, as many small and large brands across the world compete for a share in this lucrative market.

Good Pharma Dermatology is one of the players that has ventured into the Halal skincare products market, under its Singapore-based, Suu Balm brand. Suu Balm is famous for its extensive range of moisturisers and body washes that alleviate itch instantly, especially for its customers that are susceptible to eczema. Suu Balm products have been certified Halal in over 10 regions in Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Taiwan.

One of their most popular product is Suu Balm Eczema Cream, that helps to treat irritation caused by eczema. It does this by fixing the facial skin barrier and providing anti-redness and irritation for customers suffering from eczema. If you have eczema or other skin conditions, be sure to check out Suu Balm Eczema Cream or any of their other products.

The demand for Halal certified products is increasingly taking the world by storm, not just in terms of Halal food, but in other markets such as cosmetics and skincare products. With the Muslim population at 1.5 billion people and counting, there is no doubt that the Halal consumer market will be a greater force to reckon in the many years to come.

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