Interesting Halal Holidays Spain is Renowned for

Spain is a country that welcomes many religions, including those practicing Islam. There is no shortage of hotels around the country—so the biggest thing to consider is what you want to do during your stay.  Spain has many halal restaurants near me and hotels that meet halal requirements. So, read on to discover interesting halal holidays Spain is renowned for.


Spain is most well-known for its Mediterranean diet. Many meals are focused on fish and vegetables, borrowing elements from Arab cuisine. There are also halal-specific dishes at various restaurants around the country to make for an interesting halal holidays Spain is known for.


The Halal Institute works in Spain, giving hotels and restaurants certification for providing food and service in accordance with Islamic law. In addition to hotels, you will find that everything from Arab baths to cosmetic companies can receive halal certification in Spain. This high level of considerations can make this a popular destination for Muslims, who may feel their religion is respected as much as it would be if they were at home.

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There are many cities in Spain that are worth a visit. From historical, striking architecture to the traditional culture offered by street food and performers, there is something for everyone. Some of the most popular areas of Spain include Madrid, Barcelona, Andalusia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands.

Religious Accommodations

In addition to having many halal establishments, Spain has over 200 official mosques spread across the country. For Muslims looking for a place of worship, there is a search engine provided on the official website for the Spanish Ministry of Justice. Many airports also offer faith-friendly prayer rooms for many cultures.

Incredible architecture and consider religious considerations are only part of experiencing of halal holidays Spain has to offer. From street vendors to canal tours, there is no shortage of fun for the whole family. The country’s commitment to providing halal accommodations also makes it a great halal holiday destination.

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