Things to Consider When Choosing Muslim Resorts

Traveling can sometimes be challenging for people of the Islamic faith, who have restrictions on food preparation and the products/services they are allowed to use. They may need, for example,  to do some research about a halal restaurant in the resort  they want to visit. Hence, choosing to work alongside a halal travel company can make finding the perfect resort easier. As you consider destinations around the world with Muslim resorts, here are some things to keep in mind.

What Makes a Resort Muslim Friendly?

In each destination country, there is a certification that indicates a hotel or restaurant offers halal accommodations. For example, the Halal Institute issues certifications in Spain, while Muslim hotels in Morocco have the Gold Salem Standard Certificate.

Ideally, the certification is meant to indicate hotels can provide access to Muslim accommodations. This may include halal food near me or a list of restaurants with halal cuisine, access to prayer mats, Qibla direction markers, and the option to remove alcohol from the minibar.

Location, Location, Location

Something else to keep in mind as you consider hotels is the location. While it might be cheaper to get a hotel farther away from the city, you might spend more on transportation if it is not nearby any attractions. You should also consider the distance from eateries. If you need to visit a temple, then you may want to consider this before booking a hotel. While some have prayer areas, others do not have this accommodation. However, they may be able to point you in the direction of the nearest official mosque. Visiting a local airport also might be an option, as many have multi-faith prayer rooms.

While it is useful to know what accommodations you should have access to while traveling, vacationing becomes easier when working with a halal travel website. These sites provide all halal hotel options. Many also have blogs where you can check out the attractions in an area. For now, knowing which Muslim resorts can help you find a great destination to visit.

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