Copenhagen Tours in Denmark for the Family

Denmark is popular for Lego, Danish cookies, Viking history, and its fairy tales, particularly The Little Mermaid. Its capital, Copenhagen, is home to some of the most colorful and interesting structures in Western Europe. Copenhagen is a pretty place that you and your family will surely enjoy.

Here are some tours in Copenhagen that we recommend for you and your family. We also have a list of Halal restaurants in the city where you can enjoy your meals before and after your tours.

Family-friendly Tours in Copenhagen, Denmark

Credit: ksottrup / Pixabay

Royal Castle Guided Tour

Go on a whimsical royal castle tour to discover more about Denmark’s political history and royal culture. This tour includes visits to three of the most spectacular castles from the Renaissance period in Europe. These are the Kronborg Castle, Frederiksborg Castle, and Fredensborg Castle. Immerse yourself in royal and literary history as you tour Kronborg Castle, which was the setting of the famous Shakespeare play, “Hamlet”. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The next stop is Frederiksborg Castle, which sits on three picturesque islets. Finally, you’ll head to Fredensborg Castle along Lake Esrum, which is also one of the royal family’s official residences.

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Copenhagen Canal Tour

Going on the Copenhagen Canal Tour is a great way of exploring the Danish capital. During the cruise, you’ll pass by some of Denmark’s famous landmarks, including Amalienborg Palace, Christianborg Palace, and the Copenhagen Opera House. You’ll also pass by one of the most iconic works of art in the world, which is the Little Mermaid statue. You’ll especially love seeing the beautiful colorful buildings lined up along the canal.

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Magnificent Malmo of Sweden Guided Tour

Want to explore two countries at the same time? Then go on the Magnificent Malmo of Sweden Guided Tour. Travel straight from Copenhagen to the beautiful city of Malmo in Sweden via the Oresund Bridge. Stroll down the streets of Malmo to admire its distinct architecture and modern works of art. The trip also includes a boat cruise through canals and under bridges, where you’ll learn more about Denmark and Sweden’s shared history.

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Halal restaurants in Copenhagen

Take a look at the options from the local halal cuisine scene that you and your children can check out.

Restaurant Ankara

Restaurant Ankara is a garden restaurant that serves the largest and most delicious Turkish buffet in all of Scandinavia. They also affordable serve three-course meal options.


Sahil is a place to try authentic Pakistani cuisine. According to travelers, they have the best butter lamb, lamb curry, and chicken karahi.

Restaurant Sultan

Resturant Sultan is a great place to go to for big servings of food after a tiring day of adventures.

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