Different Types of Travel Insurance for Different Travelers

types of travel insurance

There are different kinds of travelers. There are travelers who like exploring nature and local culture, and embarking on adventures. Then there are people who like traveling in search of the next best cuisine. There are also tourists who dedicate their trips to sightseeing and bargain-hunting in local bazaars. The last and most modern kind of traveler is the business traveler. There are two kinds of business travelers: the traditional one (corporate executives and officials, and entrepreneurs), and the digital nomad. A digital nomad works remotely so they always have their laptops and cameras with them. Video bloggers, or “vloggers” is a popular type of digital nomad. Despite their differences, they all need to have travel insurance. In fact, there are different types of travel insurance for different types of travelers.

Travel insurance? Wait, doesn’t my airline cover that?

That is true. Your airline may cover your travel insurance. However they may limit your coverage to the bare minimum. That’s why you need to consider different kinds of travel insurance and see what fits you.

The Different Types of Travel Insurance for Different Types of Travelers

The Nature Lover

types of travel insurance
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If you’re a nature lover, you travel to see the most beautiful natural creations around the world. Your portfolio of experiences includes kayaking in the rivers of Patagonia and braving the Huashan hiking trail in China.

If you’re a nature-loving traveler, then chances of encountering a natural disaster or meeting an accident isn’t slim. You need an insurance policy that covers one or both. If you bring expensive filming or photography equipment with you, then get a policy that includes coverage for your tech.

The Culture Vulture

types of travel insurance
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You love putting your feet in the shoes of locals. Some of the things that you like doing are trying out the local exotic cuisine, attending festivals, and visiting museums. You’ve probably tried a food crawl in parts unknown in Canada and London. Serious culture-seeking travelers bring DSLRs and filming equipment with them.

Exploring other cultures may expose you to different risks. Since it’s your first time to try certain cuisine, your not sure if your body is up to your challenge. Simply put, you may get sick. Hence, you may need a medical-related travel insurance. Medical-related travel policies cover hospitalization, medicines, check-ups, and even evacuation and repatriation. DSLR-toting culture vultures should also get a policy covering their tech.


types of travel insurance
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Your travel activity preferences may not be as risky as hiking and eating exotic food. However, they expose your valuables to crime. Remember, thieves, love preying on tourists because they seem to be more naive and less risky. Every time you bring your purse out makes you their target.

We recommend travel insurance policies that cover stolen passports, stolen credit cards and stolen or lost baggage to tourists.

Business Travelers/Digital Nomads

types of travel insurance
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Being on the go requires you to have as much travel insurance as possible. Chances are you’d need policies that cover everything: from your tech to your health, and finally your valuables.

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