Austria Tours for the Entire Family To Sign Up For Today

Austria tours

Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Its timeless architecture, rich classical musical history, and natural surroundings are very inviting to travelers. Travelers who are fond of European history and the arts will surely enjoy it here. There are several Austria tours that you and your family can go on.

It’s actually hard to recommend which Austria tours to take because there’s so much to see in the country. Nevertheless, we trimmed down the existing list of Austria tours to highlight the best among them.

Three Austria Tours for the Entire Family

austria tours
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City Tour & Schönbrunn

Want to take a ‘crash course’ on Austrian history and art? Then this tour is for you! The tour starts with a drive around one of Emperor Franz Joseph’s enduring projects, the Ringstrasse grand circular boulevard. You’ll pass by Hofburg Palace, where the infamous Marie Antoinette was born. You’ll also get to pass by the Vienna State Opera. This is where they hold the glamorous Opera Ball yearly – a social event all socialites yearn to be part of. Another site to behold is the Kunsthistorisches Museum. This art history museum boasts of spectacular displays of art from Egypt, Greece and the rest of the ancient world.

Then, you’ll head to the main event: a walking tour of the grand Schönbrunn Palace. The palace was once a summer residence for the royals, and is now a cultural heritage site. The last stop on the tour is the Belvedere Palace Museum. This is where you’ll see the largest collection of artworks from Gustav Klimt, including his most popular one, “The Kiss”.

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Austria tours
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Kursalon Strauss & Mozart Concert and Special

Vienna produced a number of classical greats: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert and Johann Strauss. This special night of music features operettas and piano concertos. Indulge in a sumptuous three or four-course dinner as you enjoy the music. The dinner and concert are held at the famous Kursalon Hubner Music Hall, a prominent secular building. This formal event is a rare experience that you should sign up for when you go to Austria.

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Austria tours
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Vienna Woods and Mayerling Guided Half Day Tour

Vienna, like most of Europe, is more than its royalist culture and opulent buildings. Take this tour to know more about the outskirts of the city – and significant moments in Austrian history. The tour begins with a short hike along the paths of Vienna Woods, where you’ll see tall and picturesque trees. The woods also offers a scenic view of the town of Baden and Helen’s Valley. Then you’ll head to Mayerling, where Emperor Franz Joseph had a memorial and church built for his son Rudolf. Learn more about the fateful events that lead to the construction of the chapel. The next stop on the tour is Abbey Heiligenkreuz, a Trappist monastery and burial place of members of the Babenberg dynasty. The last stop is the enchanting Seegrotte Hinterbrühl, which is also the biggest underground lake in Europe.

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