Paris Tours for Beginners

Touring Paris is a dream come true for many travelers. When you there, you’ll realize that the City of Lights has so much to offer. Because of this, you need to be meticulous about what Paris tours you’ll be going on.

We recommend going on Paris tours that allow you to taste the different slices of Parisian life. Paris is full of history, art, grand architecture and the epitome of French cosmopolitan culture. To experience each of that in depth during your tour is the best way to explore Paris.

Here are the three best Paris tours we recommend, especially for beginners.

3 Paris Tours for Beginners

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Grand Architecture:
Eiffel Tower Skip-the-Line Entry Ticket

Begin your tour of Paris with a trip to its most iconic landmark: the Eiffel Tower.

Ticket queues going to the Eiffel Tower are perpetually long, primarily because it’s Paris’ most famous site. Begin your tour by taking a short walk and entering the Eiffel Tower through a priority access elevator. Your first stop would be at the first level, with a transparent floor 57 meters above the ground. Walking on it seems scary at first, but will make your trip very memorable. Afterward, you’ll go up to the second level, to view Paris’ spectacular city landscape. There’s an option for you to take the tour of all three floors. That tour is pricier, but you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view from the top – a scenery like no other that will stay with you for decades to come.

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A slice of history:
Palace of Versailles & Gardens Guided Tour

King Louis’ Palace of Versailles is an unparalleled beauty, where you can take a glimpse of French royal life in the 1600s. The tour gives you a fast pass to the palace grounds. Marvel at the artful opulence of the King’s and Queen’s Grand Apartments. Then you’ll move to the lavish Coronation Room, where you’ll find Jacque-Louis David’s painting of the Coronation of Napoleon. Finally, you’ll get to visit the Hall of Mirrors, arguably the most extravagant display in the whole Palace, before heading to the Gardens. Each of the Gardens has a character of its own and even depicts a small farm village, so visiting each of them is a must.

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Paris tours
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A slice of Parisian cosmopolitan culture:
Paris Literature 3 Hour Walking Tour

Paris’ literary history and modern culture are two aspects that travelers need to know more about. Your tour begins with a visit to Cafe de Flore, before you head to Rive Gauche. The Rive Gauche, used to be the stomping grounds of philosophers, essayists, and artists Like Jean-Paul Sartre, Anais Nin, and Henry Matisse. Afterward, you’ll pass by the Odeon and Sorbonne University before exploring the Latin Quarter of Paris. The Latin Quarter of Paris serves as a hub for students and artists, as well as burial grounds for bohemian greats. The tour ends with a visit to the legendary Shakespeare and Company bookstore where you can get a French literary classic as your own souvenir.

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