Go on a Halal Food Tour in Indonesia

Halal Food Tour Indonesia

Going on a food tour is a great way to learn about the history and culture of a certain place.  A food tour usually includes visits to well-loved restaurants around the area, a talk by homegrown chefs, and of course, food-tasting. Food tours are very popular nowadays, especially since people are more open to learning about other cultures. Indonesia is one of the best places to go on a halal food tour in. That’s because of the country’s tropical location, distinct colonial history, and homegrown Muslim culture.

Here are some of the must-try halal food tours in Indonesia. All halal food tours featured in this article include an English-speaking tour guide.

Cikini Foodie Tour

Jakarta food tour
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Experience Indonesian culinary heritage in Jakarta, the capital, and heart of the country. This food tour takes you around Cikini, a commercial center developed by the Dutch during the colonial era. Your tour begins with a visit to the local traditional market, which is more than five decades old. Here you will find exotic and fragrant scents wafting from native produce and spices. After visiting the market, you’ll get to try different popular dishes, including Nasi Gudeg, a flavorful jackfruit stew, and Soto Betawi, a traditional beef soup made with homegrown spices. Another dish you’ll get to try is the Pempek Palembang, a Sumatran seafood dish. Finally, you can have a cup of traditional coffee with bread and pastries before you conclude the tour.

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Yogyakarta Day Food Tour

Yogyakarta Food Tour
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If you want to experience tasting Indonesian cuisine differently, take the Yogyakarta Day Food Tour. Yogyakarta is historically significant, as it was once the capital of Indonesia. Today, it is a center of education and a popular cultural destination.

During the food tour, you’ll get to try different  Javanese delicacies such as the beef jerky, salad with basil peanut sauce, and sweet coconut milk drink. You’ll also get to try other deep-fried snacks and the special juicy satay that’s native to Yogyakarta.  You’ll also get the chance to ride a Becak (which is their version of the Thai tuk-tuk), all throughout the tour. In the last leg of your tour, you’ll get to visit a posh venue where you will have exotic, aristocratic desserts.

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Bintan Food Hunt Tour

Bintan Food Tour
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The Bintan Food Tour is for people who love food and sightseeing. The tour includes a visit to the Kawal Fishing Village, where you can watch local fishing practices. You’ll also get to experience having authentic Indonesian seafood and try Bintan’s own tapai.  Other tour stops include the Avalokitesvara Graha Temple, Trikora Beach, and the serene Danau Biru. Bintan is located in the northernmost Riau archipelago, which is southeast of Singapore.

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