Must-Try Muslim-Friendly Restaurants in Seoul

South Korean culture is one of the most popular cultures in the world today.  This cultural phenomenon is referred to as the “Hallyu Wave”. People over the globe enjoy listening to K-Pop and watching K-Dramas. Tourists flock to South Korea to tour K-drama filming locations or get a chance to watch their favorite idols live. Because of this, other aspects of Korean culture, such as cuisine, skincare, and fashion, began to emerge on the world stage. Now you can find people queuing at Korean restaurants in various parts of the world today. Some of the most popular Korean cuisine items are kimchi, bulgogi, and octopus.

Korean Chicken Restaurants

Korean chicken restaurants are also gaining ground, and becoming as popular as the other dishes. Restaurant brands like BonChon and KyoChon are now global household names in casual Korean dining.  Muslims and Hindus consider Korean chicken as a delicious alternative to their beef and pork dishes.

So, if you find yourself traveling to Seoul in South Korea anytime soon, then you can check out any of these restaurants below:

Four Seasons Hanbang Chicken Restaurant

164, Gwanghui-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울 중구 광희동1가 164)

Seoul Halal Restaurants
Credit: Klook

Four Seasons Hanbang offers tourists a chance to taste healthy Korean chicken dishes in Jung-gu District in Seoul. Once you step in the restaurant, you’ll immediately get drawn to its warm, homely atmosphere. The restaurant also utilizes a traditional Korean table setting.

Their specialties include  “Ginseng Chicken Soup with Medicinal Herbs” and “Chicken with Medicinal Herbs”. They also serve Braised Spicy Chicken to diners who prefer tasting spices to herbs. Four Seasons is one of the best affordable dining places you can enjoy in Seoul with your family and friends.

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Oppa Dak Chicken Restaurant

Myeongdong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울 중구 명동2가 32-17)

Korean Halal Restaurants
Credit: Klook

Enjoy modern Korean chicken dishes in the glitzy district of Myeongdong in Seoul. Oppa Dak is short for “Oven eh Bbajeen” Chicken, which translates to “a chicken that fell in the oven”. The restaurant cooks chicken in high temperatures to make it crispy and savory while retaining its moisture. Their “Seasoned Baked Chicken” and “Yogurt Chicken Salad” are two dishes that you wouldn’t want to miss!

They also offer different sauces to add more taste to your chicken, including garlic, peanut, sweet chili, and teriyaki sauce. Oppa Dak has a fun and vibrant vibe that makes it the perfect restaurants to chill in with your friends.

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Korean Dessert

JW Dongdaemun Marriott Hotel

Jongno 6-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul (서울시 종로구 종로6가 289-3, JW메리어트동대문호텔 1층)

Korean Halal Restaurants
Credit: Klook

After a sumptuous lunch or dinner, head to the Strawberry Dessert Buffet at JW Dongdaemun Marriott Hotel. Try their macarons, pannacotta, and pastries made with Korea’s sweetest homegrown strawberries.

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(Cover photo courtesy of cegoh / Pixabay)

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