The Most Irresistible Halal Food in Osaka

Apart from Tokyo, Osaka is another city in Japan that is catering to Muslim travelers’ needs. There are Muslim friendly hotels and many places to find halal food in Osaka.  So for everything halal Osaka has to offer including halal restaurants in Osaka, be sure to read the rest of the article.

1. Uemachi
6-1-55, Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

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Uemachi restaurant is located in the Sheraton Miyako Hotel. Its historic feudal like setting coupled with the mansion-like interior design provides diners with an exceptionally lavish experience. You can busk in the Muromachi and Momoyama eras and savour the delectable Halal bento sets. The restaurant’s service is also top class, in line with the spirit of Japanese hospitality known as omotenashi.

The bento sets are made from only the best and freshest seasonal ingredients and have been 100% Halal certified by The Kyoto Council for Sharia and Halal Affairs. In addition, the halal meals are prepared in a separate exclusive halal kitchen so you don’t have to worry if they’ll be mixed with non-halal ones. However, due to the daily limit of only 20 bento sets, you will have to make an advance reservation of at least 3 days.

Since Uemachi is located within Sheraton Miyako Hotel, the logical place of accommodation will definitely have to be the hotel itself. With 579 rooms, free Wi-Fi and Qibla compass and prayer mat rental services available, the hotel is a perfect spot for any Muslim who wishes to stay in a Muslim friendly hotel and savour the delectable bento meals at the Uemachi restaurant.

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2. Ukihashi
3-1-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0001

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Ukihashi restaurant is located within Hotel Granvia Osaka and is known for its formal and traditional Muslim-friendly Japanese dining experience. With the visually mesmerizing presentation of its food and breathtaking panaromic view, Ukihashi is sure to ignite your senses when you dine here.

Ukihashi’s Muslim friendly menu is made up of a bento box for lunch and an aunthentic Japanese dinner course. There is no pork used in the dishes and the chicken and beef in the dishes are Halal-certified. In addition, seasonings and soy sauce used are alcohol free.

While the same kitchen is used to prepare both Halal and non-Halal dishes, the cooking and kitchen utensils that are utilized for Muslim friendly dishes are different from those in non-Halal ones. A word of caution though, dining plates and cutlery are the same for both Halal and non-Halal dishes and alcoholic drinks are also served to other restaurant patrons.

Due to its popularity, you will have to make a four day advance reservation if you wish to dine here. And the best place for accommodation will definitely have to be the hotel which houses the restaurant itself, Hotel Granvia Osaka. The hotel is well known for its impeccable service, sumptuous cuisines and elegant accommodations. It also has other Muslim friendly facilities such as a guide with Qibla direction indicated on the bed each room and  five prayer mats available for prayer usage.

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3. Genji
8-8, Umeda 1-chome, Kitaku, Osaka 530-0001

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Genji, a ‘grilled meat’ restaurant, can be found on the third floor of Hilton Osaka hotel. This restaurant is well-known for its succulent and irresistible Halal wagyu and teppanyaki. The meat is prepared from the most tender Japanese beef brand called Ushi, which has been Halal certified by the Japanese Islamic Trust.

The wagyu beef comes in a menu course which is made up of other dishes like soup, rice, grilled vegetables and even dessert. If you are in the mood for delicious sushi, tempura and kaiseki, you can also request special orders from the restaurant’s Muslim friendly menu.

Since the restaurant is located in Hilton Osaka hotel, you definitely need to book accommodation there.  The hotel has a whopping 525 rooms with a magnificent view of the city. It also has other facilities for your comfort like a relaxation salon, an indoor pool and a fitness center.

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