5 Benefits of Having a Travel Insurance Policy

Travel Insurance Policy

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Going on a vacation trip abroad is a fun thing to do. Vacationing abroad helps you learn more about other cultures, traditions, and cuisines. However, as much as fun as they can be, they also pose a lot of risk and incur unforeseen costs. Encountering untoward incidents such as accidents and crimes abroad is very harrowing and stressful. Not to mention flights and luggage-related mishaps that you may experience. That’s why having a travel insurance policy is very important.

Airline Travel Insurance

Airlines usually include minimal travel insurance in their packages. The problem with the travel insurance packages that airlines provide is that they only cover flight delays and luggage problems. That’s why it’s better for you to get your own comprehensive travel insurance policy. It’s better to prepare well for any situation than feel helpless or under undue stress.

Here are all the benefits of having a complete travel insurance policy:

Relieves your family and loved from worries.

What if something unfortunate happens to you on your trip? Then you need to make sure that your family and loved ones gets all the help that they need.


This is the most unfortunate incident that could happen to you when you’re out travelling. It’s difficult to discuss  this possibility, but we need to do. An insurance policy takes care of returning your remains to your home country, while providing necessary consular and administrative assistance.

Major Accidents and Other Major Medical Situations

If you meet a major accident or suffer from a stroke on  your trip, then your family will definitely worry. There are travel insurance policies which provide emergency medical evacuations for you to get help at the soonest possible time.  Emergency medical evacuations may include airlifts, provision of an ambulance, medical specialists and escorts, as well as flight upgrades.

Helps you cope with a terrorist attack.

Imagine you’re one of the wounded survivors in a terrorist attack in a foreign city. Not only will you feel trauma, but also some physical pain. There are travel policies that provide outpatient treatment, hospitalization, medicines, and emergency medical transportation for terrorist attack victims.  While a travel insurance policy may not fully relieve you from trauma, it can help you cope with it.

Pays for costly medical expenses.

Medical expenses are expensive, especially if you figure in the following situations:

  • Accidents
  • Physical Assault
  • Sickness
  • Unexpected Pregnancy

Medical treatments can cost from $800 to $300,000, depending on your situation. Policies usually cover hospitalization, emergency medical, surgical, and outpatient treatments. They also provide medical assistance from practitioners.

Helps you deal with theft.

Thieves usually prey on travelers because they’re the least risky to deal with legally. A travel insurance policy provides you with replacements for stolen passports and credit cards. It also provides cover for your stolen luggage and electronic items.

Helps you deal with luggage delays.

Dealing with luggage problems during a vacation trip is very stressful. A travel insurance policy helps you cope with stress by covering for lost, damaged, or stolen luggage.





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