Why you Need Travel Insurance if you are Traveling Overseas

To some travelers, travel insurance is something additional that they don’t feel they really need due to its additional cost to their travel expenses. While this assumption may or may not hold true, depending on the situation, let’s use an analogy of a spare tyre to illustrate about travel insurance.

A spare tyre is something most drivers may have at the trunk of their vehicles. It is usually of no use so as long as the driver’s journey is an eventful one. However, when the vehicle suddenly encounters a flat tyre, the spare will definitely come in handy so that the driver will not be left stranded in the middle of the road.

Travel insurance is somewhat similar to a spare tyre. You may not need to use it if your overseas trip goes smoothly. But if you meet with certain mishaps, then having travel insurance will definitely come in handy. So let’s explore further on why and when you will need travel insurance if you are traveling overseas.

Flight Canceled or Delayed

You’ve probably made all preparations and payments for your trip. You are packed and ready to go. Your family members are equally excited to go for the long overdue trip.  Suddenly, when you reach the airport, you are told that your flight has been canceled or delayed due to bad weather like heavy snow or a massive storm.

The above mentioned scenario is not hard to imagine as it has occurred on numerous occasions to would be travelers. Apart from bad weather, people may also need to cancel or interrupt their trip due to other reasons.  These may include unexpected hospitalisation, a family member or friend who is unfit to travel or even the sudden demise of a family member.

All the scenarios mentioned above, while unfortunate,  will cost you heftily as you won’t be able to get back the money you have spent if you do not have travel insurance. But with travel insurance, you will be reimbursed and you can attend to the unfortunate situation you are in with one less burden to worry about.

Emergency Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses

You may be feeling at the pink of health when you started your journey overseas. You are happily enjoying the weather,  digging into all the delicious cuisine and having a whale of a time.

But what if suddenly your blissful trip suddenly takes a turn for the worse and you accidentally injure yourself or fall sick miserably? You know you will need medication and treatment instantly to alleviate the pain. Then there is also the added pain of having to fork out cash upfront to pay for the expenses.

Here is definitely where travel insurance will come in handy. You will not only be able to seek treatment for your pain but you can also take the pain out of paying for your medical or dental costs.

Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

For all you adventure seekers out there, going on an overseas trip for an adventure or hiking journey is something that you will surely be waiting for in anticipation. You’d probably have all your adventure equipment packed and you’ll be geared up for your trip.

However, what you will surely not anticipate is to get banged up abroad, require urgent treatment at a hospital or worse yet, need medical evacuation back home due to a serious mishap.  All these scenarios are cringe worthy enough to hear about let alone undergo personally. In addition, the costs involved will be rather high.  But if you have travel insurance, you won’t have to break the bank to seek treatment and hopefully have a speedy, less stressful recovery.

Baggage Missing

If you still think that travel insurance is not important for you and that you are unlikely to face any of the scenarios mentioned throughout the article, then at the very least, consider it for this last reason.  Baggages are one of the most essential requirements for any traveler. They contain all your important stuff like clothes, gear, documents, passport and even tech devices.

What if your luggage got misplaced or delayed by airlines? And what if, worse still, your cash, valuables and passport were in the misplaced baggages? You will not only be unable to enjoy your trip but you risk getting stranded in a foreign country with no travel and identification documents or cash. However, with travel insurance, you can overcome this unfortunate burden and be on the way to a more pleasant holiday.

By now, you should be more enlightened about the importance of travel insurance and why you should get it before traveling abroad. But if you will like to find out more and the costs involve, we strongly recommend you check out World Nomads, to get a free quotation before you choose the most suitable travel insurance.

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