Great Places to Find Halal Restaurants in Manchester

If you are an avid Manchester United or Manchester City football fan, then one of the main reasons you will probably be visiting Manchester for is to catch a glimpse of the Old Trafford or Etihad Stadiums. But what if you are also a Muslim and need to find halal places to eat in Manchester?

Well, don’t fret as there are actually quite a few halal restaurants in Manchester where you can fill your tummy before going to support your favorite football club. So, to discover some of the best halal restaurants in Manchester and everything halal Manchester has in store for you, be sure to read the rest of the article. 

1. Zouk Tea Bar & Grill
Chester Street (off Oxford Rd), Manchester, M1 5QS

Photo Credit: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill is located across the street from The Palace Theatre and a few minutes walk from the RNCM and Manchester Academy.  It is an award winning family-run restaurant that serves up some of the best and traditional Indian and Pakistani food.

You can choose from a  wide selection of healthy meals that are prepared on a Sigri charcoal grill in their huge open kitchen. Their specials include mini corn cakes, chicken tikka, black Maharastan chicken and Nadan beef fry. Incidentally you can also enrol in the restaurant’s half day cookery classes to learn more about preparing their traditional meals.

 If you plan on visiting Zouk Tea Bar & Grill, then you should find accommodation at the nearby hotel, The Principal Manchester.  This is one of the oldest hotels in Manchester with fine Victorian architecture and is considered one of the  city’s historical landmarks.

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2. Ocean Treasure Restaurant Manchester
1st Floor, 23 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR

Photo Credit:

Ocean Treasure restaurant is highly regarded as the best Chinese restaurant in Manchester. Originally found within the vicinity of Manchester235 casino, it has since moved across the street to the first level of their sister restaurant Sakana Pan Asian. 

The kitchen staff is led by Executive Head Chef ‘Milky Boy’ who constantly spices up the menu while preserving the restaurant’s renowned cuisines. You can find a wide array of Halal, seafood, vegetarian and vegan cuisines all served up with a healthy twist.

You will of course need accomodation if you intend on dining at Ocean Treasure and the nearest hotel we recommend is Hilton Manchester Deansgate. This hotel is one of the most fashionable hotel located in the 47-story Beetham Tower. Incidentally, it is also very close to the famous Old Trafford stadium, home of  Manchester United Football Club. So, you can visit both Ocean Treasure and Old Trafford and have double the enjoyment if you stay at Hilton Manchester Deansgate.

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3. Asha’s Manchester
47 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 3NG

Photo Credit: Asha’s Manchester

The next halal restaurant in Manchester is Asha’s Manchester, which also serves up some of the best and traditional Indian dishes. It is owned by Asha Bhosle, renowned Bollywood singer and cook, and is one of ten successful branches found around the globe from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain to Birmigham.

This brightly lit restaurant spans two floors and is lavishly decorated with gold finishings and deep okras. Its dishes are a clever mix of creativity and authenticity. These include venison samosa, Scottish salmon tikka salad, lobster panchphoran and Scottish biryani.

If you wish to savor the delectable dishes at Asha’s Manchester, then it is highly recommend that you stay at the nearby The Midland hotel. The Midland is a lavish 4-star hotel located at the center of Manchester.

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