Find & Book Hotels and Activities that are Muslim Friendly and Halal in Singapore, Bangkok & Many More.

Halal Singapore

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Muslim & Family Friendly Activities in Singapore

Contrary to popular belief that  Singapore is made up of only towering buildings and offices, this sunny island is actually filled with many fun activities to do with family and …

Best Places for Halal Food in Singapore

Halal Bangkok

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Muslim & Family-Friendly Activities in Bangkok and the Rest of Thailand

Royalty, ancient history, and exceptional dining – you can have that and more in Bangkok, the capital of and the largest city in Thailand. There are a lot of places …

Halal Food in Bangkok you Definitely have to Try

5 Best Muslim Friendly & Halal Hotels in Bangkok

Halal London

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Photo Credit: Juhasze Imre / Pexels

8 Awesome Muslim and Family-Friendly London Tourist Attractions

London is one of the cities in Europe with a large Muslim population. According to the latest census data, around 13.5% of the entire population identifies as Muslim. That makes …

Halal Food in London Near Popular Attractions

6 Best Muslim Friendly & Halal Hotels in London

Halal New York

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Photo Credit: Luca Bravo / unsplash

Family-Friendly Activities for You to Enjoy in New York

New York City is the melting pot of culture in the United States. This is where people celebrate diversity openly in all forms: from commerce, the arts, fashion, and cuisine. …

Halal Tokyo

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The Most Exciting Muslim Friendly Family Activities in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities to be in whether you are there for a holiday, work or just passing by before heading over to another city. It …

Top 3 Places to find Halal Food in Tokyo

Halal Hong Kong

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Most Thrilling Muslim Friendly Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has numerous attractions from theme parks to city tours and fine dining. However, not all these attractions are Muslim friendly or have halal food in Hong Kong. So …